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Summer School „Catalysis for Sustainability“

POLYCAT contributed successfully to the 2nd International Summer School “Catalysis for Sustainabilit...

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16-07-13 08:56

Summer School „Catalysis for Sustainability“

POLYCAT contributed successfully to the 2nd International Summer School “Catalysis for Sustainability”.


As measure in its effort to disseminate project results especially to graduate students and researchers, POLYCAT successfully contributed to the 2nd International Summer School “Ca-talysis for Sustainability” which took place in Rolduc Abbey, Kerkrade (The Netherlands) from June 23 – 26, 2013 ( In total nine contributions from the POLYCAT partners FORTH, EPFL, IMM, TU/e, CNRS and HZB have reflected under the heading “Novel Catalysts for Fine Chemical Synthesis” the scientific and technical contents and results of the POLYCAT project. The linkage of the summer school with POLYCAT has been enabled by project partner Prof. Dr. Lioubov Kiwi-Minsker (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)) being member of the Programme Committee of the Summer School. Besides an own POLYCAT session, contributions have also been embedded in the overall agenda of the summer school leading to a beneficial interaction with all participants.


In detail, the following contributions from POLYCAT side have been made:


POLYCAT session with tutorials:

P. Löb (IMM), Innovations in fine chemical Synthesis

S. H. Anastasiadis (FORTH), Metal nanoparticulate catalysts within responsive polymer nanostructures

R. Philippe (CNRS), Structured Catalytic Reactors for Multiphase Fine Chemistry


Oral presentations in “Hybrid Catalysis” PhD students session:

C. Berguerand (EPFL) et al., Maximizing Sustainable Production and Process Intensification: Semihydrogenation of 2-butyn-1,4-diol over Pd/ZnO on a Falling Film Reactor as a case study.

M. A. Frysali (FORTH) et al., Polymer microgels containing metal nanocatalysts immobilized onto organic surfaces.

S. Wunder (HZB) et al., Catalytically active nanoparticles stabilized by spherical polyelectro-lyte brushes.


Poster contributions:

M. Kaliva (FORTH) et al., Metalic nanocatalysts stabilized within pH-sensitive microgel parti-cles

A. Yarulin (EPFL) et al., Liquid-phase alkynol hydrogenation over monodispersed palladium nanoparticles: how to improve selectivity.


Polycat and beyond – plenary lecture:

V. Hessel (TU/e), From chemical intensification in flow to new flow process designs guided by sustainability